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My Services

My work begins with families during the pregnancy. On the prenatal visits and during phone or e-mail consultations, I'm trying to get a better picture of your desired birth. What are you concerns? Who will be supporting you in the room? How do you feel about medications?

When labor begins, I'm available to answer non-medical questions and hopefully give you reassurance that what you are feeling is normal or perhaps directing you to seek medical attention. What are the signs you are looking for that say it is time to head into the hospital? A doula can remind you of those signs.

Cyndi Whitwell supporting laboring mother

What do I do during labor? I bring a calmness and comfort level to the room — since I'm calm and comfortable with labor. I work a lot by verbalizing during contractions, whether it is reminding the mom to relax in certain areas (her shoulders, back, face, etc) or that the contraction is coming down or even suggesting visual pictures to focus on — this seems to help mom glide through the contractions. I have learned that there is great comfort in a reassuring touch at a certain point of labor, or just extreme commendation for the amazing job she is doing during this intense project — labor.

There are more tools to use for comfort in labor than just medication. Perhaps changing the temperature (hot or cold), turning on music, changing position, light massage, aromas, using water (such as a tub or shower). I'm always trying to think ahead — what position would help at this point of labor. Do we need to encourage gravity to move the baby down, encourage the baby to rotate in position, encourage mom to rest for awhile, etc. I love to use the family's camera to capture birth memories. Also, I provide a birth story after the postpartum visit. Hopefully it will bring you pleasant memories of your birth as the years go by.

Cyndi Whitwell supporting laboring mother

Unless agreed upon by both myself and the family, my care is continuous until the baby is born and placenta is delivered.

My package fee is $900 and includes:
• Two prenatal visits: An in-person interview and an extensive preparatory prenatal visit. The second visit can as long as 2 hours.
• The birth
• 1 postpartum visit
• Birth photography (with family's camera)
• A Birth Story
• Suggestions for use of birthing ball

home    why use a doula?    about me    my services    dads & doulas    faq    testimonials


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