Why Use a Doula?

Why Use A Doula?

Doulas have been shown to greatly benefit birth in the following ways:

  • Natural Vaginal Delivery – 43% increase (no medication or forceps)
  • Caesarean Rate – 50% decrease
  • Epidural Requests – 60% decrease
  • Pain Medication – 30% decrease
  • Length of Labor – 25% decrease*

*Kennel, J., Klaus, M., McGrath, S., et al, JAMA, l991, 265(17): 2197-2201

I was a part of the 18 month Kaiser Doula Research Project, which helped to reinforce my beliefs in the great results of doula-assisted births.

I want every family to have a good birth memory. Hopefully when your birth is done, you will have a cherished memory.

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