3rd time mom that I worked with for all 3 births

 Cyndi was such an important part of my birth process. The meetings during pregnancy helped so much to instill confidence in our birthing plan and to answer any questions or concerns we had. Through labor, her soft spoken encouragement was instrumental in keeping me focused and empowered. She was able to guide my husband to be the best support he could be and helped him feel confident in his participation in the births of our children! Her extensive experience is obvious and there’s no way I could have gotten through my labors (3 of them…one hospital, one water birth at a birthing center, and one water homebirth…all unmedicated) without her. We joke that if we ever moved away and ended up having more babies, we’d have to find a way to fly her to us! :o) I am eternally grateful for all of her help!

lst time parents

 I want to thank you for helping us achieve such a beautiful birth. You were able to address all of our concerns and to ensure us that you would respect our preferences, and this helped us to trust you to do your job of helping labor progress. On the day that labor began, we had no idea what to expect. We’d always heard that “you’ll know” when you are in labor…but we didn’t know! Your 20-20-20 test was very productive, as it provided an objective way to determine whether labor had really begun. And, it was so helpful to call and check in with you as the labor progressed – you provided the support that we needed to labor at home for as long as possible. Once at the hospital, we were immediately grateful for your calming presence and supportive attitude. As labor progressed, you kept both of us comfortable and relaxed. You were never intrusive, always respectful, ever soothing. The birth was more calm, positive and joyful than we ever could have hoped. We are very grateful to have a gorgeous, healthy baby, and it is a wonderful gift that we were able to bring her into the world in such a beautiful way.

lst time parents

This being our first baby, my husband and I were overjoyed, anxious, and scared all at one. We took all of the classes offered by Kaiser and we had friends with kids who gave us advice, but we both agree that seeking out the help of a doula was the best decision we could have made. Your loads of experience made me feel at ease about making decisions. Looking back on the delivery day itself, I see how you really set me up for success from the first moment we sat down together. Just your presence was enough to get me back on track with my goal. I honestly can’t remember feeling doubtful or negative once you were in the room with us. You helped me to look forward, getting me through each and every contraction. You kept us informed of what was going on and why. I look back on my entire labor and delivery with such joy and happiness. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

2nd time mom • From the most grateful place in my heart, I am thankful to Cyndi for helping me to prepare for and create a birth experience that was everything that I had hoped for and envisioned it to be. Cyndi’s calming affect and her confident, quiet, and strong labor/delivery support provided me the self-confidence and will that was necessary and crucial for me to attain my goal of a labor and birth without pain medication. Even in the event that I had planned or opted to use pain medication during my labor, the information, guidance, and support that she provided me while pregnant and during my labor were invaluable and assisted me greatly in making informed and enlightened decisions about my medical care. I will always carry with me like a smile on my heart the fantastic memories of my labor and delivery experience. It was an honor to have Cyndi with me on my most rewarding journey, at the end of which I was blessed with not only a beautiful and healthy baby daughter, but a sense of pride, joy, and true satisfaction about my labor experience that I will carry with me always.

1st time mom • I often think fondly of my labor and delivery experience. It was the most amazing thing I have ever gone through. I think I lived a mini life in those 30 hours. I don’t know how else to describe it. There were highs and lows, funny moments and moments taking extreme concentration and effort to get through. When I am in a tough spot now, I often think about the determination I found within myself to bring Lilly into the world. I think I am a much more confident mother and woman because of the experience. I am profoundly changed because I was able to deliver her on my own, naturally. I say I did it on my own, but I know without your support I might not have been so lucky. It was so helpful to have an objective woman with so much birthing experience in my corner. You were a calm force during what could have been a scary time. You really do have the coolest job. I really feel without you I might not have had such a wonderful experience. I know my attitudes and parenting style would not be the same if I had gone in early and accepted medication.

1st time mom • I’ve recommended doulas (specifically Cyndi) to everyone I know who’s pregnant. We couldn’t have had the birth experience we wanted without a doula — we would have been too scared/overwhelmed to do it naturally.

2nd time mom • Everytime I look at her, I will remember you and the happiness you brought to her arrival.