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doula is a Greek word that has recently been used to describe a professional labor support person.


My name is Cyndi Whitwell. I attended my first birth as a labor assistant in 1986. I left it saying “I have to do that again”. For eight years I volunteered often. Then I learned my role had a name … I was a doula. Since that time, I have assisted with over 1000 births. My greatest joy is when families remember their birth as a cherished memory to be told over and over again.

I have been certified through both ACBE and DONA

My services have been provided in many areas. I have worked as far west as Davis and Woodland, east to Roseville and Auburn, Folsom and Placerville, and south to South Sacramento. Over the years I have worked in over 18 medical facilities and homebirths. Contact me for an updated list of the current facilities.

A Moment In My Life
By Cyndi Whitwell

Dawn was peeking between the blinds.
How long has it been since I have slept?
Hours, days? No time to think,
Mom is moaning again — give her support,
Encouraging voice in her ear.
The pattern of breathing slowing
as the contraction ebbs.

But the sounds have changed.
Mom is disturbed by the pressure.
Reassure her again — this is normal.
Positions are changed, ice is offered.

The power of pressure builds.
Sounds are different in the room,
More activity is felt
But we are locked in the rhythm of the dance,
Moving ever onward to the feelings.

Suddenly a baby’s voice is heard
Above the tears of mom & dad.
Fear & pain have changed to joy outcries.

Another birth, another lost night’s sleep,
Another memory to validate
My desire to be a doula.

Published in International Doula, 2000